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'I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I've enjoyed your products. I bought the hydrating coco cleanser, the kakadu plum clarifying oil and the deodorising spray. My 10 year old uses the cleanser too! The room spray is so divine also. I support a few local business who all have great clean products but I feel that something extra luxurious in yours' - Suzana

'I suffer from severely dry lips and have tried more lip balms than I can count! I prefer to use all-natural/Eco-friendly ingredients so was excited to come across Big Blue Cosmetica at the St Kilda markets last year! I have finally hit the jackpot with the lip balm AND it comes in a compostable tube! Will definitely purchase more products from this brand in the future' - Coral

'My new favourite lip balm! I love how simple it is and I especially appreciate the eco friendly packaging. I will definitely be trying out your other products.' - Keisha

'I love love love the tinted lip balms. I have such sensitive skin, and generally react to chemist lip balms and any lipstick. I can wear all of these. They are so soothing, and have just the right amount of lip tint. So happy I found your products.' - Lizzi

'I have tried the lip tints which look beautiful and I can't wait to try more from the Big Blue Cosmetica collection' - Chloe

'Just wanted to personally let you know how great your products are. I got the dry skin dream balm for my partner, who is a carpet layer, he is very happy with it' - Linda

'I've bought a lot of Tina's products but I think my favourite is the dry skin dream balm. I use it religiously every night before bed, and it's amazing the way it feels so seriously moisturising, but once it's rubbed in, it's barely greasy' - Jo

'This stuff is the bees knees [the dry skin dream balm] ...bonus points for smelling beautiful' - Chloe

'I love this product [the soothing saviour creme], my skin has transformed at the age of 50.' - Rose

'No false promises here. The soothing saviour creme is incredible. I have been applying each evening since i purchased last Sunday and not only has my skin cleared, it feels beautiful and convinced few wrinkles have disappeared. Love it!!' - Lisa

'the soothing saviour creme has saved my skin this winter in Canberra......just amazing' - Anne

'Hello, I bought your kakadu plum clarifying oil at a farmers market and just ran out. I love it and want to know when/where I can get more. Thanks!' - Jessica

'I also love the kakadu plum clarifying oil for my dry skin. Pop some on under my makeup and it hydrates me without being oily. 10/10 recommend these products, they work, smell amazing and environmentally conscious!' - Simona

'I just love using the kakadu plum clarifying oil in my Beauty works a treat' - Anne

'My other favourite is the kakadu plum clarifying oil. I need this in Winter for extra help with my moisturizer, and I like that it does double-duty so I can use it to take off makeup when I'm cleansing' - Jo

'It's a great product [the kakadu plum clarifying oil], pollution and makeup come off easily and the oil, as a moisturiser, really feeds the skin. It's a glorious product' - Kathy

'I love the hydrating coco cleanser from big blue cosmetica. Lovely and gentle on my sensitive skin! thanks heaps' - Ellie

'I love the beach babe texture spray! Gives you beachy curls without drying out your hair, and smells absolutely lovely.' - Simona

'For anyone looking to make the switch over to natural, toxin-free, sustainable antiperspirant balm that ACTUALLY works, look no further! This stuff is the bees knees and it smells amazing' - Jay

'Your antiperspirant balm is a really great product. It has passed with flying colours. Well done!' - Linda

'My girlfriend and I love this product [the antiperspirant balm] and would be lost with it!' - Cam

'Oh gosh! Everything smells so amazing!' - Kasia

'I was using the soothing saviour creme with a Vitamin C serum for a while, the serum irritated me so much I stopped it and now your creme is my only face routine I love it! I got the beard tonic for my partner and he loves it, his beard was starting to irritate him so he bought few different products for it and yours is the only one in use.' - Rima

'Hi! I purchased a bunch of stuff from you at the Ripponlea Market and just wanted to shoot you a message to tell you how much I'm loving it! I've been using the kakadu plum clarifying oil daily and absolutely love the lip balm. Thank you so much!' - Meg

'I've been using the dry skin dream balm and it is the most beautiful lotion. I have the most sensitive skin and I've used it morning and night, it hasn't caused any irritations! This lotion is seriously amazing' - Lily

'Thank you for the antiperspirant balm, I love it! Smells nice, feels really nice texturally and applies really well, and I feel works really well antiperspirant-wise...I just smell of myself I guess, but no sweaty feeling' - Grace

'Hey there! Bought your antiperspirant balm at the Rose St Markets and I love it. I cannot believe something natural is actually working on my sweaty pits. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work' - Gillian

'Today I came across Tina's stall at the Esplanade Market and purchased the soothing saviour creme. What an amazing product. So light and fresh. I love moisturisers and have purchased hundreds. But this one is my new fave by a mile!' - Di

'I love Tina's products. My skin has transformed at the age of 50. A big shout out for the amazing toothpowder. My teeth have never looked so clean and white. Thank you Tina' - Rose

'Do you ever find a product and then wonder how you went without it for so long? This is how I feel about the Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil. The Dry Skin Dream Balm is pretty damn impressive also!' - Bel

'Hi - just wanted to let you know that I love the Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil! It is such a beautiful sensory experience to apply it morning and night. I have quite dry skin and this absorbs in a way that is perfect for my skin type. Thank you!' - Nicole

'Tina your dry skin dream balm is saving a sore florists hands!' - Elsa

'Hey, I thought I'd send you a quick message to say - I went to the dentist during the week and took my toothpowder. She thought it was one of the best and safest natural toothpowders she'd ever seen' - Meg

'Hi lovely! Mum and I recently purchased a few of your products from Little Beauty Market in Frankston. The Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil is one of the best products I've ever used!! So keen to get some more ASAP!' - Holly

'Hi! I bought your antiperspirant balm at the Yarra Glen market last month and just wanted to let you know how much I love it! It's by far the best natural deodorant I have used. I was getting a rash from the other ones I tried but yours is so soothing, smells wonderful, keeps me feeling fresh all day and the texture is perfect. Will be a long term buyer and can't wait to try some of your other products soon. Thank you' - Laura

'Recently bought the Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil and oh my god absolutely amazing knowing it's all natural, sustainable and locally made is even better thanks heaps will definitely be back' - Vicky

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