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kakadu plum clarifying oil

$30.00 AUD

Pure magic for skin - a lightweight blend of Australian grown jojoba, apricot and sunflowers oils infused with gubinge (Kakadu plum - super rich in Vitamin C), hand picked organic calendula and calming Australian native kunzea that is readily absorbed and great for balancing oil production while nourishing and soothing.

Perfect for all skin types - naturally rich in Vitamin E and C, phytosterols and antioxdants important for healthy skin function. Both hydrating for dry skin and effective at regulating sebum production in oily skin types due to the very close chemical similarity of these lightweight oils to our skin's own sebum. Jojoba is especially known for its sebum-mimicking qualities, effectively tricking your skin into thinking it has already produced enough of those natural oils so it calms the whole oil-producing system down & provides just the right amount of nourishment.

Great massaged into face and neck before bed to assist nutrient absorption overnight, yet lightweight enough to use in the morning without leaving skin shiny.

TO USE: Apply a few drops to clean hands, rub into face and neck every morning and/or evening whenever your skin needs a nourishing moisture-boost. Alternatively use with a face wipe to remove makeup without irritating sensitive around-eye areas or as a facial oil cleanser by massaging a small amount into wet skin, steaming face briefly with a hot towel and wiping away the oil (along with all the dirt, grease and other impurities that accumulate on the face over a day), exfoliating your face as you do with the towel. This makes a great evening ritual for deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising all in one quick little routine that is perfectly gentle for sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling super silky, clean and supple.


simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, calendula officinalis and terminalia ferdinandiana (gubinge / kakadu plum) infused in helianthus annulus (sunflower) oil, kunzea ambigua essential oil.

This is a natural product with a limited shelf life. Please use within 18 months of purchase.

Once empty - KEEP THE BOTTLE! You can return it for a $2 refill discount (check out the 'important to note' page to find out how) or alternatively find a way to repurpose or recycle it. Glass is infinitely recyclable, and the label is completely biodegradable paper with non-toxic, plant-based inks and adhesives.

Order the 'aluminium screw top' option if restocking and you can simply remove the screw top, recycle (inside a bigger piece of aluminium like a ball of foil or a tinnie) and pop your old pump top in the new bottle to save a little plastic from landfill. The pump tops unfortunately cannot be recycled, the glass absolutely can.


'Recently bought the Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil and oh my god absolutely amazing knowing it's all natural, sustainable and locally made is even better thanks heaps will definitely be back' - Vicky

'Hi lovely! Mum and I recently purchased a few of your products from Little Beauty Market in Frankston. The Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil is one of the best products I've ever used!! So keen to get some more ASAP!' - Holly

'Hi - just wanted to let you know that I love the Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil! It is such a beautiful sensory experience to apply it morning and night. I have quite dry skin and this absorbs in a way that is perfect for my skin type. Thank you!' - Nicole

'Do you ever find a product and then wonder how you went without it for so long? This is how I feel about the Kakadu Plum Clarifying Oil. The Dry Skin Dream Balm is pretty damn impressive also!' - Bel

'It's a great product [the kakadu plum clarifying oil], pollution and makeup come off easily and the oil, as a moisturiser, really feeds the skin. It's a glorious product' - Kathy

'My other favourite is the kakadu plum clarifying oil. I need this in Winter for extra help with my moisturizer, and I like that it does double-duty so I can use it to take off makeup when I'm cleansing' - Jo (who also loves the dry skin dream balm)

'I also love the kakadu plum clarifying oil for my dry skin. Pop some on under my makeup and it hydrates me without being oily. 10/10 recommend these products, they work, smell amazing and environmentally conscious!' - Simona

'Hello, I bought your kakadu plum clarifying oil at a farmers market and just ran out. I love it and want to know when/where I can get more. Thanks!' - Jessica

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