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Z E R O    W A S T E    P A C K A G I N G

All product packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable, and...REFILLABLE - for a discount!

I will gladly receive clean containers in good condition, sterilise and refill them for a packaging discount of $2 per empty container, which you can use on your next shop. It is a significant discount, to reflect my significant thanks to you for caring enough about reducing waste!

If you are not able or willing to refill, please find a way to reuse or recycle your empties.

Please consider sending me your empties - it makes my business much more environmentally sustainable and reduces our collective demand for more plastics/packaging/'stuff' to be created.

Here's how:

1. Clean the empty containers with warm soapy water to remove excess product before sending. I will more thoroughly clean and sterilise them, but cleaning them before sending helps alot.

2. Get in touch via the 'Contact' page on this website, Facebook or Instagram and let me know which empties you're planning to send me.

3. I'll respond with details about how you can get them to me - either by post, in which case you will have to pay to send me the empty containers but I will cover the postage on your next shop when you redeem the discount,
in person, at one of my markets or in store at one of my stockists (see markets / stockists page).

4. Once I receive the empty containers I will send you a code to redeem your $2 discount on your next purchase, online or in person (simply show me your code when you catch me at one of my markets). You will only be able to use this code once but it will have no expiry date. Easy peasy.

TIP: Keep the box I first sent you to reuse it when sending me your empties. Save a little money, and save the cardboard!

S U S T A I N A B L E    I N G R E D I E N T S

All ingredients are locally sourced where possible.

All products are completely vegan as stated, otherwise they contain beeswax. This is the only non-vegan ingredient I use, as it is still the most natural and sustainable alternative I can find to synthetic/semi-synthetic or non-native (imported) gums and emulsifying waxes. Candelilla wax is a great vegan alternative for example, but it has to travel all the way from the U.S - which is not very sustainable when you consider all the fuel involved in transporting it to Melbourne, Australia.

My formulas have been developed so as to include more Australian ingredients and rely less on non-native ingredients that have travelled further, in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint of each product and to celebrate the wonderful native botanicals unique to this land.

There are however many ingredients that are absolutely necessary, but not produced in Australia. I work hard to source high quality ingredients that I can ensure are made by people with the same level of respect as I hold for our environment.

This means that all ingredients are strictly cruelty-free. No animal testing, no palm oil derivatives that jeopardise orangutan habitat.

I look for ingredients that are properly natural first and certified organic where available. Below are some of my awesome suppliers, I'm proud to use their products, and am honoured to introduce to you:

The most beautiful smelling raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil produced from wild growing trees in far north Queensland, made by an Indigenous Torres Strait Islander small business initiative. Perhaps the only truly sustainably sourced palm oil on the planet. Home grown pure gold.

Passionate and dedicated team of people who source many of my 100% Australian ingredients, from essential oils to aloe vera, natural unbleached beeswax and a truly fab range of native botanical extracts.

I am a little bit obsessed with this place. It's where I get my extra virgin macadamia oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic tapioca, organic bicarb soda (means it's naturally mined not chemically synthesised) and Victorian pink lake salt. I also get my plastic-packaging-free chocolate fixes here. It is a great resource and helps me live a low-to-no plastic life. If you are lucky enough to have one of these stores nearby and you haven't yet done so - check them out!

These guys are an Aussie couple that operate out of South Australia and sell the very magical 'soapberries', that I fell so in love with when I discovered them! Sapindus Mukorossi (soap-berry) trees are native to the Himalayas and are naturally high in saponins, making them the most truly natural alternative to synthetic surfactants on the planet. These soap-berries are grown by small communities in Nepal, have organic certification from USDA and Ecocert, plus - That Red House supports Grow Nepal; an initiative aimed at reforesting Nepal and creating more sustainable agricultural jobs.

This fantastic Australian owned and operated business operates out of Queensland and stocks a very wide range of ingredients, equipment and information for getting people into making their own everything, including soaps. They are dedicated to sourcing the most sustainable products available and they are the stockist for my very wonderful mica mineral pigments used to colour the tinted lipbalms.

R E T U R N S   P O L I C Y

I personally formulate, hand make, check and ship each item available here so I stand behind my products and more than anything want you to enjoy using them. 

If you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact me asap and we'll find a solution. While I can't offer a refund for change of mind I can definitely look after you if there are any damages or discrepancies with your order - just give me a holla.

Performing a patch test on the underside of your arm prior to using the product is highly recommended, especially if you do have sensitive skin and aren't able to make it in person to one of my markets to try before you buy. That way if your skin does react to it I can offer you an exchange or refund straight away and you can avoid any skin dramas.

Please note that if you are acne prone and use medicated products containing AHA's, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid it is a good idea to first use my products either after a 2 day detox of the medicated products or on separate days to when you use these other products, in order to avoid any unexpected ingredient reactions that could be harmful to your skin.

Z E R O   W A S T E   S H I P P I N G

Shipping is FREE for all orders over $60 within Australia - simply use the code FREESHIP60 at the checkout.

For orders below $60, shipping is a maximum of $10 within Australia,
and $20 for all orders to New Zealand.

All orders are shipped with a carbon neutral delivery service using only recyclable and compostable material (most of which is kept and reused from other deliveries), such as:

100% post consumer recycled cardboard boxes,
-  reused boxes, many collected from stores like Bunnings who throw out all those little packaging boxes which happen to be the perfect size for my deliveries
 shredded newspaper
-  paper masking tape
-  corn starch packing peanuts. Not only are they fully compostable, they readily break down in water - try it in your sink and see for yourself!

NO plastic - because that's how we do.

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