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household handybar

$12.00 AUD

With the biggest, fluffiest lather this baby is brilliant for washing dishes, removing spot stains on clothing, hand-washing delicates or simply for washing hands. Perfect for cleaning the oven or shower with the help of a scrubby cloth. Infused with naturally antibacterial lemon tea tree and citrus which are great cleaning agents, especially effective against mould and leave the room smelling fresh and clean.

To use for dishes simply keep on a soap dish by the sink, wet your scrubby sponge, rub onto bar and your scrubber will foam up fabulously to wash dishes as per usual. Alternatively run under warm water to soak a sink-full of dishes (or clothing) in warm soapy water. Formulated to be both powerfully cleansing but gentle on hands.


saponified organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, saponified olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, essential oils: citrus reticulata (mandarin) and melaleuca alternifolia (teatree), organic citrus zest.

This is a natural product with a limited shelf life,
please use within 12 months.

HOT TIP: To get the most out of your bar, chop it into smaller chunks (like quarters) and ensure it dries out between uses so it preserves its structural integrity and lasts even longer. Each chunky block is roughly 145g but they are all hand cut so size may vary slightly.

You can select whether you'd prefer your bar naked (without any wrapping), or wrapped with tissue paper and a paper sticker (all non-toxic inks and adhesives = fully biodegradable wrapping).

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